Stall Holder Q & A

Who can set up a stall on Equestrian Marketplace?
Anyone is welcome to sell their products on Equestrian Marketplace, as long as the products they’re selling are equestrian-related.
Stall holders on Equestrian Marketplace must reside in Australia.

Can I sell new and second-hand items on Equestrian Marketplace?
Yes you can.

What type of products can’t I sell in my stall?
Second-hand riding helmets, prescription drugs. If in doubt, contact us.

Do I have to be based in Australia?
Selling is restricted to people physically located within Australian territory only.

Do I send my items to Equestrian Marketplace to be listed?
No. Equestrian Marketplace provides affordable online advertising space for you to sell your goods directly to your customers. Equestrian Marketplace works similarly to an online classifieds. We provide the medium and the marketing for buyers and sellers to find each other, but we do not handle postage, warranty or payment for items.

How do I become an Equestrian Marketplace seller?
Once you have registered on Equestrian marketplace and accepted the Terms and Conditions through our approval process, you can immediately start setting up your stall. The Equestrian Marketplace Knowledge Base contains support and guidance documents for all Vendors.

How much does it cost to sell on Equestrian Marketplace?

Setting up your stall is FREE of charge!

Every item you list will incur a charge of $0.33 including GST. If you list more than one of the same quantity, in the same listing, it will be classed as one listing.

Once your item is sold you will be charged a commission of 15% (incl GST?)

How long does your listing last?

Your listing will last until you delete it.

When do I pay my fees/how am I invoiced/how do I pay?

Your listing fee is payable on publication of the product. Your commission of sale is payable once notified that your customer has received their goods.

Please see our Vendor Terms & Conditions page for our Responsibilities of all Sellers policy.

Become a Super Seller!

Once you have sold over $1000 worth of goods, and have 100% positive feedback, we will deem you to be a Super Stall and your commission will reduce to 10%. Super Stalls will receive additional marketing at no extra charge.