How to Set Up Your Stall

Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Vendor on Equestrian Marketplace

In the menu at the top of the page, click Vendor Home
Follow the prompts to Register

Click STORE SETTINGS from left hand side bar to set up your Stall/Store

Give your Store a name.
Upload a profile pic/logo and your stall’s banner. Note the recommended artwork size for your banner.
Remember you can change banners as often as you like until you’re happy with the result.


PRODUCT MANAGER from left hand side bar to set up your Stall/Store (to add your first product for sale)

Product type will nearly always be simple.
Virtual and Downloadable usually refer to services or printable products.


  1. Add the name of your product to the header
  2. Add price excluding of GST
  3. Ignore sale price until you’re ready
  4. The short description will appear in quick views of your product
  5. Long description

Featured Image and Gallery
This is where you upload 1. the main product image (featured) and 2. the gallery of product images.
Image size should be 500 pixels along shortest length, and try to keep the dimensions as close to square as is practical.

Category & Tags
Choose the most relevant category from the pull-down menu.
When adding product tags, imagine the words you would use to find this product in an online search.

If you have more than 1 of the same product, enter inventory amount to help you manage stock.

This works off an Australia Post calculator. You will need to enter the weight and dimensions so the system accurately calculates the freight charge at Checkout.

Choose ZERO if you are selling personal items.
Choose TAXABLE if you are a registered business.

You can set product attributes for shoppers to choose from, e.g. colour, size…

Linked Product
Select products that might also interest shoppers and/or that you would like to promote.

Would you like to show any reviews shoppers have left for this product?
The menu order is a number system starting with 0 at the top.
Do you have a special note to add to this product?


The Shipping policy is set by Equestrian Marketplace and cannot be altered.

The Refund policy is set by Equestrian Marketplace and cannot be altered.

You can add your own Cancellation/Refund policy or leave blank and use the Equestrian Marketplace default policy.

Please fill in Customer Support details as they are an important part of customer service. We all love good customer service!


How would you like to be paid by Equestrian Marketplace?



If you’re going away, let your customers know when using the calendar.


Your first product has been listed in your stall!

You can edit any of these details at any time.