Hub Horses Services

Equestrian Marketplace is partnering with trusted and reliable industry specialists to bring you a range of services including finance, insurance, legal and escrow.


Equestrian Marketplace has teamed up with Equine Financial Solutions to offer specialists financial help with buying horses and a wide range of vehicles. Read more on our Equine Finance page.


We will soon be offering specialist industry insurance and advice.


Our first of a series of legally prepared contracts is the Hub Horses Buy/Sell contract, available to buy via this website. You can find the contract information form under the product description tab. Once the form is submitted and payment processed, the contract is prepared and delivered. See more on our Legal Contracts page.

More legal contracts will become available for purchase in the future.

Any enquiries can be sent via our contact page.


Escrow works by placing money in the control of an independent and licensed third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction. When both parties verify the transaction has been completed per terms set, the money is released.

This service is coming soon.